• Where can I get support?

    Feel free to access our Discord server for support via https://discord.gg/yozza, or alternatively, you can contact us on Telegram using https://t.me/YozzaUK. Additionally, you can utilize our live chat feature for immediate assistance. 

  • Do we get warranty?

    We provide warranties for all our products, with the duration varying depending on the specific product. Please refer to the product description for further details regarding the warranty length. 

  • Do you accept paypal?

    We accept PayPal payments through a exchanger the fee for orders under $250 is 15% and payment must be paid from your paypal balance only. 

  • Can we request a product that we dont see on the store?

    Yes of course you can feel free to make suggestions on services you would like to see us provide and we will do out best to fulfill the requests as fast as possible. 

  • Do you offer a deal on multiple IPTV subs?

    Yes we offer deals on multiple device subscriptions just drop us a message on either telegram or WhatsApp and we can discuss the % you can save. 

  • Do you do refunds?

    The short answer is no, we supply replacement accounts for ones that do not work but we do not supply refunds for accounts/services which have been provided and work as intended.